2014 pop music looks to be promising, yet safe in new tracks

By Chase Manson ’16

With 2013 being declared a year of twerking, Justin Bieber’s infamous scandals and the return of pop stars such as Cher and Lady Gaga, 2014 is looking to be a year of subtle change in music.

The year begins with a greatest hit compilation by indie-rock band, My Chemical Romance. This will be their first greatest hit and supposed last album as they broke up last year.

Kelly Carklson and Jennifer Hudson have projects in development; however, no release dates are set.

At some point during the year, jazz legend Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga will collaborate to make “Check to Check.”

The album has been in production for two years and is expected to be an “instant” hit.

Lady Gaga has hinted at a sequel for her album “Artpop,” and describe the proposed album as experimental and will add a new dimension to music.

Kesha has also announced production on a new album, but that is possibly delayed due to her time in rehab.

Indie pop singers Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds have both announced new projects. Del Rey’s is called “Ultraviolence” with a leaked tracked called “Black Beauty.”

Marina’s only has a few details confirmed with a highly talked about song called “Pop Cemetery.”

These are most of the albums that have been confirmed, it’s time of speculation.

Justin Bieber may not release this year due to his “retirement” but he could be faking.

Boy band One Direction is expected to have a new release. They seem to release one every year.

Now comes a theory. A huge wild theory.

In the music business, copy catting, taking an idea for your own, has become a trademark of the industry.

Beyoncé made music history as she released an album without promotion and it was a mega success.

This year, I think that artists will attempt to recreate Beyoncé’s success.

So as it stands, 2014 is hidden in speculation but it should be a great year.