‘21 Jump Street’ brings hilarity to old TV concept

By Andrew Marini ’13

“21 Jump Street” starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill

8 out of 10

Never really seeing the television show from the ’80s, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first entered the theatre to see “21 Jump Street.”

The film opens to a flashback of Schmidt (Jonah Hill) when he makes a failed attempt to ask a girl to prom.

Because of this scene, you get a feeling of foreshadow that high school prom will play a significant part later in the film.

The movie progresses as Hill and Channing Tatum become best friends due to the fact that they have talents that the other one of them doesn’t have and use them to help each other become police officers.

The main story line starts up as the two, rookie cops, have to go undercover as high school students to stop the spread of a dangerous drug.

One of the first things that happen once they arrive in high school is a role change. Hill, who was a nerd in high school, is now a part of the popular crowd.

Channing Tatum who was a big shot jock has been forced to hang out with chemistry nerds.

The movie continues with an array of funny scenes filled with irony and high school drama that will make the theater laugh out loud.

In the final prom scene Johnny Depp, who was in the original TV show, makes a small cameo which only adds to the hilarity of the situation.

Hill is funny as usual in his role of a nerd who is allowed to see how the other half of high school lives. While Tatum, who is a little out of place in a comedy, does an equally great job as a big shot who has been confined to hanging with geeks and spending his weekends playing video games and having light saber fights.

The movie remains enjoyable all the way to the end when a big twist presents itself that only makes everything much more amusing.

I give the movie 8 out of 10 because although it is a great remake of a well-known 80’s television show, it isn’t going to set records at the box-office or be nominated for an Oscars since it is a comedy.