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The Brophy athletics teams are getting brand new jerseys with a new color and look

By Ian O’Riley ’24



This year is the year for new jerseys. Every three years, Brophy athletics teams get new jerseys, and this year the football, baseball, cross country, basketball, lacrosse and wrestling teams are all getting new uniforms.


This year is unique for the football team. Head Varsity Football Coach Mr. Jason Jewell, chose to wear black jerseys this year.


“The Brophy football team has not worn black for a very long time,” said Athletic Director Mr. Josh Garcia ’07. It has been several years since the last time black was worn by the football team. He said these jerseys are high quality, and they come from a good brand.


Mr. Garcia said, “We have a deal with a company called BSM that gives us a big discount on custom Nike uniforms. In terms of our uniforms, we are getting the same quality that a lot of colleges wear.”


Other sports teams such as baseball, cross country and wrestling are getting new jerseys, but there are not any notable differences. All of the jerseys are from Nike.


Brophy is not a Nike exclusive school, but it does get a large discount on high-quality uniforms from Nike. 


The uniforms are required to have the Brophy chapel on them, and there is a style guide to follow, but there can still be some stylistic changes to the uniform. The uniforms have a “newer” look, said Mr. Garcia. 


This year, there have been some changes made to the look of the uniform including either a Bronco or a Brophy chapel on the pant leg and the change of color for football jerseys. Football is the biggest change, says Mr. Garcia, because they went to black after wearing red for several years. However, they do still have a red jersey for home games. 


This change is routine, but it is a large and unordinary one for the football team.