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A father in politics gives senior life lessons, balanced political beliefs

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Joe Ducey ’17 and Arizona Governor Mr. Doug Ducey pose for a photo March 8 after the governor’s keynote address. Joe Ducey said he has learned valuable life lessons from his father being involved in politics.

By Chris Agnone ’18

Joe Ducey ’17, son of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, said he has gained valuable experiences and lessons from his father’s intricate and important work.

Gov. Ducey was elected on Nov. 4, 2014.

Joe Ducey’s brother, Jack Ducey ’15, attended and graduated Brophy in 2015.  

Joe Ducey said that while there are perks to being the son of the governor, it is definitely not all glamor and enjoyment.

There are downsides to having famous and well known parents.

“It is different seeing your parents in the newspaper or on TV all the time,” Joe Ducey said. “I have learned a lot about how harsh reality and how mean people can be through my dad and his role in Arizona.”

This realization is new for Joe Ducey because his father was not always in politics.

Prior to his election, Gov. Ducey graduated from Arizona State University and was the CEO and partner of Cold Stone Creamery, a successful ice cream chain.

“It’s weird because I still don’t see my dad as the governor,” Joe Ducey said. “For the majority of my life he wasn’t in politics.”

When his father was elected, Joe Ducey began to see differences in his life because of his now well known father and family name.

“The main difference from then to now is my privacy,” Joe Ducey said. “Someone is always watching and waiting for me to mess up.”

The title of his father has not affected Joe Ducey’s relationships and friendships, but it still affects him by popping up around campus.

“It hasn’t affected my friendships in anyway,” Joe Ducey said. “The only difference at school is seeing my dad’s name pop up in certain discussions such as the Summit.”

One of Joe Ducey’s good friends, Reed Porter ’17, agreed that he is still the same person, even with a different lifestyle.

“I have known Joe and been friends with him for a long time,” Porter said. “He did not change because of his dad’s new position, he did not let the attention get to him.”