A Look into the Work of Mrs. Karen Parise

Photo by Hunter Franklin ’19 | Ms. Karen Parise talks about how she once coached the hockey team with no experience and got a win. Ms. Parise has been at Brophy for the last 18 years as a counselor. 

By Frankie Pastor ’20


For the past 18 years, Mrs. Karen Parise has influenced and inspired many students  to make their dreams come true.

Mrs. Parise is Brophy’s licensed counselor, who works to help students through the rigorous work of high school and the different aspects of their lives.

Before being employed at Brophy, Mrs. Parise worked as a nurse at a colon cancer research lab for 20 years.

Mrs. Parise then decided to switch professions due to her willingness to help others.

I was a nurse for 20 years, and when I had my youngest [child], I wanted to do something different, and I decided that counseling was something that I wanted to do,” Mrs. Parise said.

“I did not know that I would end up here. I think it was the need to help people. I was working in colon cancer research, and my patients never missed any visits, and I started reflecting about that and praying for what that meant for me and my future.”

On her journey to becoming a counselor,  Mrs. Parise was introduced to Brophy by the current principal of St. Francis Xavier School, Ms. Kim Cavnar, who used to work as the Principal of Ministry in the Office of Faith and Justice.  

“I did my internship 18 years ago. I was an intern, and they ended up hiring me,” Mrs. Parise said. “Initially, I did guidance counseling and college counseling, but I really wanted do what I was trained to do and that was to be a licensed trained therapist.

She stated that the students and the faculty serve as an inspiration for her to continue, and that the spiritual aspect of the campus drew her to work for Brophy.

Giovanni Garcia ’20 has said “Mrs. Parise is always nice and welcoming. She always puts a smile on your face.”