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Agliano strives to build leaders among his players

Photo by Devin McManimon McNally ’17 – Mr. Chris Agliano instructs a player during Lacrosse practice Monday, March 7. Mr. Agliano coaches in the lacrosse, basketball and football programs.

By Henry Erlandson ’16

When he isn’t teaching religion classes, Mr. Chris Agliano is coaching either freshman football, JV basketball or the underclassmen lacrosse program.

Now in his fifth year of coaching lacrosse, Mr. Agliano said he has a big responsibility in coaching his players to give them opportunities to develop as leaders.

He is head coach of the hybrid lacrosse team that consisted of the JV and second-team varsity squads from last year, alongside coaches Nick Latham ’12 and Luke Strode.

“I think the biggest thing is giving guys opportunities to be leaders,” Mr. Agliano said. “I think leadership is a trait that, especially at the younger level for freshmen and sophomores, they have to be given opportunities and they learn a lot about themselves. Their communication, hustle, energy, and effort, and all of that combines and gives them a sense of their self.”

Mr. Agliano said that during the lacrosse season he spends roughly 10 to 12 hours on practice a week, plus game prep. The team only practices four to six hours in a week if there is a game.

Alexander Jacobs ’19, who played under Mr. Agliano this past year on the freshman football team, said he was very encouraging and supportive of every player.

“Everyone bought in to his goals and messages as a coach and as a mentor,” Jacobs said.

A key part of Mr. Agliano’s coaching style is his emphasis on keeping the players focused not on the scoreboard, but on learning to improve not only on the field but in life, something he said he preaches in the classroom as well.

“I’m trying to show them that it’s not about winning or losing,” he said. “There’s more to lacrosse and there’s more to sports in general than just some end goal because it’s about becoming a better person.”

Building small skills everyday is very important to Mr. Agliano because he said that prompts improvement in young players and allows them an opportunity to showcase their skills to the team.

“He put me in a position to succeed on the field because he saw what I was good at and saw what the program needed going forward,” said Thomas Dye ’16. “Off the field he’s always been a mentor and a friend, though he still pushes me and only expects better, helping me elevate my performance on and off the field.”

Dye had Mr. Agliano as a coach for two years for varsity 2 lacrosse and freshman football.

“At Brophy the coaches have all been very connected and supportive, but Coach Agliano leans on me to be a role model and mentor for the younger guys on Brophy 2,” Dye said. “When he asks for my help he also again enforces this idea of reaching my full potential and growing my character.”