Anarbor rocks Friday Night Lights, plays free concert

By Josh Galvin ’13
The Roundup

Photos by Matthew Munhall '12 - Anarbor and Katastro play during a free post game concert at Brophy on August 27th.
Photo by Matthew Munhall '12 - Anarbor and Katastro play during a free post game concert at Brophy on August 27th.

The Red Army stormed out of the Central High bleachers Friday, Aug. 27, energized by the varsity football team’s first win of the season.

As BCP/XCP students returned to Brophy for Friday Night Lights chattering about the strong performance of the Broncos, most knew what awaited them: the concert featuring Anarbor and Katastro.

Featuring two Brophy grads, Arizona natives Anarbor recently performed in more than 44 North American cities over the span of two months as part of the Vans Warped Tour.

However, Mike Kitlas ’08 and Greg Garrity ’08 paid their alma mater a visit as they performed with their band during a free concert along with fellow Warped Tour veterans Katastro.

“Coming back to Brophy for this last show was a moment we all won’t forget; the kids were awesome and having a great time, so of course myself and the band had an incredible time,” said Kitlas, who plays rhythm guitar for Anarbor.

Kitlas admitted that initially he was skeptical of the way the Brophy community would react to the band’s musical style, but when he saw the crowd of screaming Brophy/Xavier students, he was instantly reassured.

“The turnout for the show blew my mind, (there were) way more kids than I ever could have expected,” Kitlas said.

Kitlas also thanked the BCP community itself and promised a return visit.

“On behalf of Greg Garrity, and the rest of Anarbor, I would like to thank the current Brophy College Prep community for their constant support and thank you all for helping us make our dreams come to life. That was not the last time Anarbor will be performing at Brophy College Prep,” he said.

Kitlas acknowledged Mr. Lane McShane and Assistant Principal of Student Activities Mr. Jeff Glosser for the large crowd and the “perfectly promoted” concert.

Those who missed the concert or want more information on Anarbor can visit their MySpace page at or like “Anarbor” on Facebook.

More photos from the concert: