Photo Slideshow: Artists, writers spark creativity at this year’s Fine Arts Extravaganza

Photo by Ben Liu '15 - Brophy's 2013 Fine Arts Extravaganza was Nov. 26.

By Cameron M. Bray ’16

Spectators stood captivated at the Fine Arts Extravaganza Tuesday, Nov. 25, as student bands rocked away passionately, wandering observers admired student art and prudent listeners enjoyed the medley of student writings.

Mr. Tony Oldani described the event as “the biggest social event of the year” in an email sent to students.

Mr. Oldani also promised entertainment, snacks, drinks and even a grilled cheese truck in his email, which were all fulfilled the night of the event.

That night students found free cookies, lemonade, coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn and entertainment abundant.

The cheese truck also came in full force, parking near the football field and serving many students, parents and faculty.

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