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Sanchez brings personality, enthusiasm to Sports Med in 2nd year

Photo by Chase Manson ’16 – Mica Sanchez, the assistant athetic trainer, applies tape to an injured wrist, Oct. 13.

By Chase L. Manson ’16

After the departure of Assistant Athletic Trainer Ms. Arika Cozzi, Ms. Mica Sanchez continues  work with the Athletic Training department in her second year.      

Sanchez currently attends AT Still University and attended North Central College in Chicago, where she is originally from.

“Yes, I’m from Chicago,” Sanchez said. “I’m more from the city, not the suburbs.”

Sanchez works with the football team but will assist with other teams in the future.

“Football currently takes up most of the time,” she said. “However, in the winter I will be working with soccer and in the spring I will be returning working with the volleyball team.”  

Manny Cano ‘16, a football player, has dealt with Sanchez on many occasions, especially when he hurt his hamstring and later his shoulder.

“She’s really personal,” Cano said. “She really makes the whole room brighter and happier.”    

Sanchez originally found Brophy through her masters program at AT Still University. 

“I was a little nervous coming to Brophy,” Sanchez said. “People at school told me like how preppy it was and the ‘rich kid stigma.'” 

Though she came in with that  preconception, she now notes that they were wrong.

“All the kids are awesome,” she said. “What I love is that you have athletes who are super geniuses and also exceed in extracurriculars.”

Mr. Chris White, head athletic trainer, said he has loved having Sanchez as an assistant.

“She is of course clinically competent,” he said. “But what really sets her apart is her personality. She’s very witty, you need that in this environment.”

Sanchez, has noted a difference in her second and final year at Brophy.

“There is definitely more recognition from everyone,” she said. “I definitely feel more competent but I have also established a better relationship with players.”
Sanchez said she is also looking forward to her time after Brophy.

“When I was an undergraduate I wanted to work at the high school or college level,” she said. “But now I dream of working with U.S Olympic athletes. I think it would be a new experience and really fun.”