Basketball point guard bounces back from injury

Connor Bradshaw Van Lier Ribbink ’13

Photo by Dalton Radcliffe '13 - Austin Hammond '13 shoots a free throw against Horizon. Brophy defeated Horizon 60-52 Friday, Dec. 14 at home.

During the first basketball game of the season, Austin Hammond ’13 dove for a routine loose ball in the fourth quarter which resulted in a scrum with some opposing players on top of Hammond.

When Hammond stood back up he had a sprained collarbone, concussion and his season was drastically changed.

Hammond started playing basketball in fifth grade and found his niche playing point guard.

“It’s fun being in control,” Hammond said. “It can be stressful at times when the game is close, but I really enjoy it as my position.”

Hammond continued his basketball career at Brophy. He has been point guard for the Brophy varsity team for two years now.

“Austin is a coach on the floor,” said Brophy varsity basketball coach Mr. Tony Fuller. “He gets us in our offense. He gets the ball to the right person, at the right time, in the right spot on the court.”

Hammond’s first season on varsity ended with a winning record of 23-8 and a lot of lessons learned. However, Hammond and the Brophy varsity team came up short in 2011-2012 when they lost in the playoffs.

“I learned a ton from the guys last year and I did improve as a player, but ultimately in the end we didn’t accomplish our goal so there is still a lot I can improve on to get to that goal this year,” Hammond said.

Entering this 2012-2013 season Austin found himself in a new role on the varsity squad; a team leader.

Austin is an experienced senior leader that makes everyone on the team better,” Mr. Fuller said. “He is a coach on the floor.”

When Hammond sustained an injury in the first game of the season the entire team held their breath, hoping he would be alright..

“I was out for around two weeks,” Hammond said. “It has impacted the way I play a little bit and I’m not as physical but I’m getting better and will be 100 percent soon.”

Brophy varsity basketball squad sits at 16-4 with Hammond controlling the offense this season as of January 22nd.