BCP/XCP exchange beneficial, expands class offerings

By Alex Kirshner ’18


While Brophy does not offer certain classes such as Chinese and French, students are still given the opportunity to take these classes on Xavier’s campus.

This process is known as the BCP/XCP exchange, and it gives Brophy and Xavier students alike an opportunity to take classes that aren’t offered by their respective schools.

Tanner Lederman ’18 takes Honors Chinese 3 at Xavier, as Brophy does not have a Chinese program.

“I like having a Xavier class,” Lederman said. “It helps me meet Xavier girls and it offers me a class I wouldn’t be able to take at Brophy.”

The class structures at Xavier are much different from those at Brophy, because Xavier does not incorporate technology into their curriculum the way Brophy does.

Josh Belgrad ’19 takes Intro to Piano at Xavier as an elective, and it is his first time having a Xavier class.

“It’s not bad having a Xavier class,” Belgrad said. “It being an elective gives me time to relax and be laid back.”

While many Brophy students say that they like the all-boys atmosphere because it eliminates the distraction of having girls in their classes, both Belgrad and Lederman say that they do not have any distractions in their classes.

“The students in the class wouldn’t act differently if it were a Brophy only class,” Lederman said.

Belgrad echoed this sentiment, saying that distractions happen occasionally, but they are rare.

Other than the long walk between schools, both Belgrad and Lederman said they believe as though there are no drawbacks to taking classes at Xavier, and that the atmosphere is quite similar to classes at Brophy.