Big box retailers market ‘Christmas Spirit’ two months too soon

By John Galang ’12
The Roundup

Shopping for Christmas is fun and picking out new decorations can be an adventure, but holiday shopping before Halloween seems to be a little too early.

In almost every single major business such as Target, Wal-Mart and even Home Depot, Christmas items can be found, and not in small displays here and there, but whole aisles. It seems as though Halloween and Thanksgiving are becoming less and less important in the eyes of big businesses and, it looks as if it’s getting worse.

Truth is, Christmas has always created big incomes for stores and they have taken advantage of it by placing various Christmas items weeks before the actual holiday.

At first, they would only do this the Friday after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday.  Black Friday always rakes in plenty of money and many sale items go out of stock incredibly fast because of shoppers who want to get all of their shopping done right away. As a rebuttal, the companies began advertising great Christmas bargains and setting them out near the beginning of November. Thanksgiving and everything about it was pretty much overshadowed.

It seems if given the choice many companies would opt to just take Thanksgiving off the calendar. And now, they are moving into October and selling Christmas before Halloween. So far, Halloween has been standing strong and has not been overtaken by Christmas commercialism, but it is only a matter of time before the costumes and candy share the same fate as Thanksgiving.

Christmas is a joyous holiday and it should be celebrated as such, but trying to celebrate it almost two months before hand is a bit too much. I am not trying to say the incredible sales are bad however, I mean selling a 52” HD television for almost a $150 off sounds great!

Christmas however, appears to be becoming more and more commercialized and its true meaning has almost been completely forgotten by most.

I think it is crazy dedicating entire aisles in a store to Christmas before Halloween and Thanksgiving, but everyone has to make a living somehow and companies are using Christmas as their method.