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Birgenheir flips classroom to benefit students

Photo by Manny Mata-Flores ’19 | Mr. Phillip Birgenheir looks over a student’s work before class starts Jan. 12. Mr. Birgenheir runs a flipped classroom where students work on homework in class and do most of the learning outside of class.

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By Manuel Mata-Flores ’19

Walking into Mr. Philip Birgenheir’s math class someone might think students just doing homework rather than listening to a lecture is backwards.

They are correct.

Mr. Birgenheir teaches Algebra 2.

In his three years on campus he has been involved in some clubs like the anime club, the competitive gaming club, and the Magic: The Gathering club.

He has taught in other places before coming here to Brophy.

“I taught at a middle school in Glendale for two years where I taught math and science, and I taught for two years in a high school in Vienna, Austria where I taught English for a second language,” Mr. Birgenheir said.

When asked about the flipped classroom Mr. Birgenheir said he likes the format.

“I do consider my class to be a flipped classroom and I like it that way because it gives a lot of flexibility to me and my students,” he said.

Jair Garcia ’19 said that he likes being in Mr. Birgenheir’s math class.

“It’s an exciting class, you never know what is going to happen, and Mr. Birgenheir is very fun. He keeps us active in class, and gives us funny videos.”

“He is unique with his teaching methods, and I like how he teaches,” Garcia said. “He gives us problems to make sure we get the concept of the chapter and he is always there to help.”

When asked about the flipped classroom Garcia said he really likes the style of the teaching method.

“I in a way like it because I actually do stuff at home, and it gives me a lot of space to do my homework and if I don’t get the concept I always rewatch it.”

Edwin Muñoz ’19 said he likes the way Mr. Birgenheir teaches.

“I like my math class because we have a cool teacher” Muñoz said. “ I really like how he teaches because he puts on funny videos and is very dedicated to teaching us the subject”

Muñoz said that his favorite part about being in Mr. Birgenheir class is how he gives the class the opportunity to work on our individual work during class time.