BodPod allows students to know body fat percentage, get healthier

Photo by Edwin Perez ‘18 | The Bod Pod sits ready to be used for students to examine their weight in Mir White’s room K1. The Bod Pod is a test that takes a couple of minutes which when it finishes it measures your body mass index.

By Josh Spano ’18


Many students are looking to improve their overall health, and one way they can make healthy changes is from the Bodpod located in K1.

It has been on campus for around six years and has all the data from the students who have used it.

“The Bodpod is a high-tech device that measures a student’s body fat percentage and weight,” said Will Graham ’18 who is a current student assistant for Mr. White.

Before the Bodpod the most accurate way to measure someone’s body fat would be to weigh students under water.

However, the Bodpod measures someone’s density using air and not water.

“The old gold standard for body composition assessment is called hydrostatic weighting where you weigh someone under [water] and measure their density,” Mr. White said. “[The Bodpod] does that same thing but with air.”

Once someone is inside of the Bodpod, the goal is then for it to measure the students volume.

“It’s a measurement of volume. If we know someone’s volume and we know their mass then we know their density,” Mr. White said. “If we know their density and their height, weight and other things then we can predict very accurately body fat percent and lean body mass.”

All freshmen are required to have a pre and post test as part of their health class according to Mr. White but it is open to the entire school.

“Anyone can come in and get measured and get help with their diet,” Mr. White said.

Once a student signs up for the Bodpod test it only takes a few minutes to finish.

“A test starts with a height and weight and then we put the individual in the Bodpod,” said Graham. “From start to finish it only takes about five minutes.”
After their initial test students can come back in two months to see their progress according to Graham.

Students interested in signing up for a Bodpod test can sign up through a link in the daily announcements and testing is Monday through Thursday during lunch.