Brophy parking policy changes met with mixed opinions

By Greg Goulder ’13

Among the changes around campus this new school year, parking has been one of the most noticed.

St. Francis Xavier Elementary began an expansion process that has required more parking, shrinking Brophy’s north lot.

One of the several changes is that students cannot enter the north and south lots via 1st Avenue between 7 and 8 a.m.  Any student who enters through 1st Avenue will only be permitted to park in the auxiliary parking area.

Currently, in order to park in the north or south lots between 7 and 8, students must enter off Central Avenue.

With such limited spaces, parking enforcement will be much stricter than it has been, Dean Mr. Jim Bopp previously told The Roundup.

Any student who wishes to park on campus must have a current 2010-2011 Brophy parking sticker and a carpool (two or more students including the driver), or permission from the Dean’s Office.  Any violation of the parking rules will result in two JUGs.

No students are allowed to park in the lot north of the sidewalk or in any spots reserved specifically for St. Francis Xavier parking in the north parking area, according to the Brophy student parking information sheet from the Dean’s Office.

Any violation of the parking lot regulations, including the 5 MPH speed limit may result in JUGs, fines or suspension of parking permits, according to the student parking sheet.

Matthew Garling ’11, who arrives daily before 7 a.m., has had no problems with the rules up to this point.

“They don’t bother me,” he wrote in an e-mail.

The changes, for the most part, have been met with indifference by Brophy students, particularly those that arrive prior to 7 a.m., as the 1st Avenue entrance is still open at that time.