Diversity: Brophy Quidditch incorporates variety of player backgrounds

By Pierce Braun ’20


Last year’s undefeated Brophy Quidditch team is in the process of having an even more advanced and skilled season ever.

“Quidditch has come a long way since its first year,” said Marcus Pimentel ´18. He included that while in a tournament, Brophy beat Arizona State University in a match last year. He adds that the reason they beat ASU is simply because they collaborated better. When talking about how well equipped the team is to win, he says that it should be easy to win every game again.

Quidditch is a game that includes one seeker, whose goal is to catch the snitch, which is a velcro tail attached to a runner. When it is acquired by one team, the game is ended and they are awarded an extra 30 points. There are three chasers, who score goals with a quaffle(a volleyball) which is worth ten points, through one of three rings at opposing ends of the field. Two beaters use bludgers (dodgeballs) to disrupt and reset chasers. There is also one keeper who guards the rings from opposing chasers. This all happens while there is a stick which is supposed to represent a broom between your legs.

The Harry Potter inspired game of Quidditch was introduced to Brophy in the 2014-15 school year.

“Quidditch requires a lot of thinking,” said Michael Rowe ´18. He says the team has a diverse set of skills due to the fact that it is comprised of football, lacrosse and band members. “It is hard to take the game seriously when you have a stick in between your legs,¨ Rowe said, as well as saying that once they arrived to the field, they were one team with no diversity barriers, a team that was there to have fun and lift eachother up.

Pimentel says that each position is different and there cannot be one single MVP. Rowe and Pimentel say that you need no knowledge of either the books or movies of Harry Potter to play quidditch. The Brophy Quidditch team is looking forward to a successful season this year.