Brophy should take Veterans Day off, have school on Columbus Day

By William Joseph Borders IV

Veterans Day is a day that we should have off, not because I want extra sleep, but because those veterans who supported us deserve it.

That we don’t have this day off is startling to me because we have days off like Columbus Day.

Columbus Day is hypocritical in the sense that he took away another group’s freedom for something as simple as gold.

“I believe we should have Veterans Day off because I would much rather visit my grandfather and thank him then have to go to school while other schools get the day off,” said Max Estes ’16.

As someone who has multiple family members who are veterans, I think it is just ridiculous that we do not take the day off as respect.

According to Brophy’s dean, the reason for this is required school days.

“This is a tricky time of the year, we have to have so many school days,” said Dean Mr. Pat Higgins.

Other private schools do not get Veterans Day off as well.

Notre Dame Prep and Bourgade Catholic High school both have Columbus day and Labor Day off, but not Veterans Day.

“When I think about some of the non-major holidays we do have off, I don’t see how the significance of celebrating our veterans doesn’t fit in there,” said Xavier student Erin Mahon ’17.

“Veterans often epitomize personal ties within families that have gone on for decades, I think that is worth a day of reflection,” Mahon said.

This isn’t a matter of simply wanting a day off, this opinion is more based off of genuinely wanting to give thanks to those who deserve it.