Campus history: Class of ’76 state university trends prove similar to ’14

By Garrison Murphy ’15

With tuition rising and colleges becoming more selective, many seniors are faced with the decision to stay in state or venture out of state for college, but this trend isn’t new.

The Brophy class of 1976 encountered similar dilemmas, according to an article written in The Roundup during the same year.

As reported by the article, out of the 120 students in the class of ’76, 70 were admitted and planned to attend a state school; 29 to University of Arizona, 26 to Arizona State University and 15 to other in state colleges.

In total 58 percent of the entire class stayed in state while the rest either went out of state or did not go to a four-year university.

The class of 2014 saw a 41.7 percent in state attendance rate out of its 295 students, with 71 at ASU, 58 at UofA and eight at other in state colleges.

Even the commentary added to the article written in the 1976 edition of The Roundup ring similar to issues many seniors face today.

“Financial aid concerns many of the seniors. Many of those attending out-of-state colleges will need assistance … still other Brophy seniors who are able to pay the tuition of private colleges are staying in state to save their parents from the onerous financial millstone,” the article reads. “Those debating their choice of college often await the last word on their chances for financial assistance, the money situation often determining the difference between attending college in state or out.”