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Cassidy goes to state for Poetry Out Loud

Photo by Nate Kerber ’19 | Paul Cassidy ’19 performs at the Poetry Out Loud Elite Eight Feb. 3. Cassidy won for the second consecutive year and will move on to the state competition.

By Collin McShane ’19

Want to meet someone who strives to embody the spirit of the Bronco?

You’ve probably already met him, but if you haven’t, say hello to Paul Cassidy ’19.

If Cassidy isn’t stopped every three steps so someone can say hello to him, then it’s an off day.

Fellow actor and friend of Cassidy, Max Henderson ‘17 said he was “the fourth best person I have ever met.”

Cassidy is the two time reigning champion of POL (Poetry Out Loud), an on and off again guitarist for the Brophy band The Bedbunk Boys and has participated in several plays. Also, he is the CEO of Respect Everyone, a self made company that prints sweaters with extra feel good vibes.

Cassidy intends to finish strong with his current competitions and grades. He will also be involved in the coming Xavier and Brophy plays.

“I want to finish well at state for POL and of get good grades this semester,” Cassidy said. “And of course, to respect everyone.”

Spencer Coben ’17 went to POL regionals to support his friend Cassidy and watch the other contestants.

“To be honest, it was really tense,” Coben said. “I didn’t know poems double be that intense but everyone there really brought it.”

Cassidy performed two poems while at regionals, ‘Ecology’, and ‘Slant’.

“A lot of parents were there to support their kids,” Coben said. “I think my friends and I were the only ones that were rowdy when Paul came on.”

Coben intends to go to the state completion to support Cassidy after his win at regionals.

“After his first poem we were really loud and cheering for him and I think that energy gave him confidence,” Coben said. “So I think now we have to go to state now so we can give him the energy again.”

Coben recommended that all students go and support there classmate at the PBS Studio on March 11.