Christmas dance creates discordant opinions among students

Garrison Murphy ’15

Every December Xavier hosts an annual Christmas dance for Brophy and Xavier

The event, characterized by formal dress, more classically inspired music and a $30
price tag has created a mixture of feelings.

“I’m not going … if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a dance, I would
personally spend it on prom,” said Will Harris ’15.

On the other hand some students said that the Christmas Dance is a great
opportunity to intermingle with Xavier students in a formal setting.

“It’s definitely a couple’s dance; if you go there solo don’t expect to have too much
fun. I think that the people who don’t have dates are the ones who say it’s not fun,”said Andy Vainauskas ’15. “Yes it’s a bit expensive but all the dances are pretty overpriced and it’s the price you pay to have a good time.”