CON: Online notes create effective system, paper notes detrimental to success

Photo by Noah Lederer ’21 | Max Tiffany ’21 works on his online notes during his fourth period flex on Oct. 1


By Noah Lederer ’21



Many people on campus rely on online notes to have easily accessible documents that can be pulled up from almost every technological device.

On the other hand, paper notes can be destroyed and ruined or even lost.

When I first came to Brophy, I was given the option in most of my classes to take online notes or paper notes. At first, I used paper notes but when I started losing my notes and forgetting them at home, I knew it was time for a change.

Some online note websites that are popular at Brophy include Evernote, Notability and Google Docs. These websites and applications create an online notebook accessible from anywhere on any device.

Students, including myself, often catch themselves reading notes on my phone on the car rides to school to study and I believe that that is helping me with my grades.

Online notes are also more organized and neat. With the notes all in one place, it is very easy to access them and edit them as you please.

Taking notes on your computer allows a system where sharing notes and saving them can be done in an instant.

Paper notes do not provide you the luxuries you would receive taking notes online.

When taking paper notes, you are adding just another thing to carry around. These notes can be easily lost or forgotten at home which ends up harming your grades.

If you take paper notes, you probably have a different notebook for every class. These five to seven notebooks create an unnecessary weight that can cause back problems in teens.

According to The Huffington Post, annually, 14,000 kids are treated for backpack-related injuries and 5,000 students are hospitalized. These injuries are all due to having too many items in their school bags.

In a poll I conducted of 100 high school students in Arizona, 94 students said that having so many items in their bags have caused back, shoulder, or neck pain.

If we subtract the paper notebooks from the backpacks, then the weight of the bags will decrease, causing fewer injuries and fewer visits to the chiropractor. There is one large solution to this problem: online notes.