Corral heads in new direction with revamped food and prices

As the start of the new school year kicked off, Director of Facilities Missy Grams and new Corral Executive Chef James Moran introduced a new buffet and prices for the substandard Corral food. 

Mrs. Grams and Chef Moran brought in the new $7.50 buffet as an alternative lunch to the classic unhealthy pizza and chicken tenders. Although the buffet is on the more expensive side of the lunch menu, it is tasty, healthy and homemade in the Corral.

“In my opinion we could have better pizza and we are looking at doing that and improving all of that,” said Mrs. Grams, “When we make homemade food it is automatically more healthy and nutritious.”

With the soon-to-be improvisation of the Corral food and the buffet, the prices of the food have risen and shrunk. From $2.50 to $3 the pizza’s cost has risen unlike its greasy quality and mediocre taste.

“One thing that we got rid of was everything ending in 25 cents, so in some cases we did round up,” said Mrs. Grams

Over the past few years how the chicken tenders, the bean and cheese burrito and pizza have not changed, this is due to the demand of them and the quantity that are taken for breakfast and lunch every day.

“They are super popular items and at that time they didn’t see the need to change it, but I believe we can do better,” said Mrs. Grams

With the hiring of Chef Moran, the quality of the food will improve along with new items to the menu. “We buy things that are at least partially made and then we doctor it up,” said Mrs. Grams. This is all on the schedule to advance the food in the Corral. Mrs. Grams hopes that we students will notice the new changes in food within the upcoming month


Correction: Mrs. Missy Grams name was spelled wrong in an earlier version of this article.