Dance changes for the best, yet annoying for students

By Erik T. Masingill ’12
The Roundup

After the recent Hoopcoming dance at Brophy Saturday, Jan. 22, Dean Mr. Jim Bopp, Principal Mr. Bob Ryan and Assistant Principal for Student Activities Mr. Jeff Glosser decided to change attendance policies.

These changes may be met with frustration from students, but ultimately it is the best move.

One of these changes is that non-Brophy/Xavier students are now required to bring a filled-out guest pass with signatures from their administration and the guest’s parents along with emergency contact information.

Also, the guest will have to get his or her information onto a file in the Dean’s office a week ahead of the dance.

All of these signed consent forms will allow Brophy to resolve any issue with the guest at any moment, such as calling parents or notifying other schools.

Of course the task to fill out all of the information will seem a true pain for students. In fact, some students may prove to be too lazy to fill out a form and never attend another Brophy dance.

Brophy will also limit the number of people from outside schools to attend future dances in order to have student behavior consistent with the school’s expectations.

Administrators will place a cap on the number of tickets sold in order to have more manageable numbers.

These changes are needed because extra outside students will cause more trouble than anything for dances and lead to more necessary modifications.

Although Brophy and Xavier students will be limited to bringing one outside student, I think dances will still be as fun and now safer than they were.

Overall though, there is no guarantee that these changes are all that Brophy will witness.

Maybe this is enough, maybe not.

For now, Brophy is modifying dances to be more beneficial for everyone. For students, they will still enjoy the dances, but maybe not as much as they used to, or at least with as many guests as they used to.

Either way, these modifications will be in place for Brophy’s next dance: Prom on Sat., April 9.