Davis comes back to campus to teach Humanities

By Sam Romero ’17

Humanities teacher, quidditch coach and Alumni Service Corps member Mr. Cooper Davis ’10 said he came back to Brophy after graduating to teach because of the influence of his teachers.

“I had such a good connection to the teachers that I had here and felt that it is something that I would like to do with my life, is be involved in the education of young men and in such a special place,”  Mr. Davis said.

His students said they appreciate his approach in the classroom.

Mr. Davis, being apart of the alumni program, has a fresher outlook on his curriculum and his students,” said student Noah Heekin ’18.

Mr. Davis works with middle schoolers at Loyola Academy and also with Brophy students, which makes him have “diverse experiences” while working.

“I like being involved around campus beyond the classroom… I am never bored working at Brophy,” Mr. Davis said.

According to Heekin, Mr. Davis’ class makes learning about art and the history of art fun.

“Looking out across the whole semester, it’s like a chronological list of all of art history starting at prehistoric and ending at present day,” Heekin said.

He is also the state champion coach for quidditch. He said many kids have preconceived notions about playing the sport but all the doubt goes away once you start to play it competitively.

“I played at NAU and I still currently play for a team competing on a adult league. I really enjoy the creativity behind it,” Mr. Davis said.

Mr. Davis said he wants to keep working at Brophy. Mr. Chad Unrein was his favorite teacher while a student at Brophy and had him for Heroes Journey and Creative Writing.

“I can definitely see myself in five years still working at Brophy and becoming more involved with this community,” Mr. Davis said.