Different coaches dramatically impact the player’s performance

By Mike Niezgodzki ’18


Several student-athletes play for both Brophy and their club sports teams.

Almost all Brophy sports require practice with their teams during the high school season and not the athletes’ clubs during their sport’s season.

The only exception to that is swimming, which still requires a Tuesday afternoon workout/yoga and Friday morning swim.

“I personally like high school season more than club season,. You get a chance to bond with your team and coaches more,” says Tim LaFave ’18.

A coach might seem like a general term and can be stereotyped a certain way by the athletes and possibly the parents.

Phoenix Swim Club head coach Garrett McCafery has been with the club for over 10 years and knows the impact that high school coaches have on his swimmers.

McCafery said, “High school swimming is a great time of the year where my swimmers get race experience and have a chance to get close with their teammates. Of course I would love them [swimmers)] to have a chance to swim with me at the club more during this time, but I know they are gaining more than just swim experience at high school practice,” said McCafery “It’s also nice for them to listen to a new coach here and there as long as they will still listen to me when they get back to club.”

For the most part, club sports last longer than high school and being able to get a full season in with training and extra activities high school coaches may need to act differently than club coaches.

“In some cases club is more relaxed, at least for me. I feel that since I’ve joined high school crew I’ve seen my strength go up and I’m improving more progressively,” said Cooper Parsons ’20.

It is very opinion based and what each athlete prefers for their training. Some may thrive in the club scene but have more fun during high school season, or vice versa. Each athlete is different and requires certain needs.

Not to mention, Mr. Chris White helps all athletes and is on site for most Brophy athletic events. Most clubs might not be able to get that benefit of an athletic trainer on their team.

Both high school and club sports have their pros and cons, but ultimately it comes down to the coaching and what’s best for the athlete.