Disciplinary board aims to help students, reviews their actions

By Jack Macias ’14 

When a student gets in trouble that requires more than a Saturday JUG or even suspension, the student is brought before the disciplinary board.

The disciplinary board consists of the Dean Mr. Pat Higgins, Principal Mr. Bob Ryan and several teachers.

According to the student handbook, “The purpose of the board is to review the student’s character and behavior as fully as possible and to make a recommendation to the Principal as to whether or not a student should be dismissed.”

“We want to do what is in the very best interest of each and every student, and there are times when the most loving thing to say to the boy that your actions are such that you need to pay significant consequences and one of these is, you need to leave,” Mr. Ryan said.

Although the disciplinary board decides upon a suggested course of action, the principal always has the final say.

“If a student goes before the review board, we can look at their conduct report and see the types of incidents they’ve been involved in, we also get feedback from teachers,” Mr. Higgins said.

Some offenses may be grounds for immediate dismissal, such as the consumption of alcohol or other narcotics while at Brophy or a school function.

“On the first offense that student is liable for dismissal from the school and would be placed before the disciplinary review board,” Mr. Higgins said.

If a student is caught using alcohol or drugs by the administration or by teachers, the student will face disciplinary actions, while if a student refers himself or a teacher, friend or parent does, then the student will first be referred to the Student Assistance Program, where he will be given help.

“Depending on the type of issue with students that came through the review board, counseling can be one of the outcomes, not as a single piece, but to what is causing this student to do the actions that brought him before the review board,” Mr. Higgins said.