Dubstep steps up the music scene with new ‘energy’

By Chase Stevens ’12

Every day more and more people are listening to the new genre of music called dubstep.

Dubstep is an underground genre of music that sounds similar to techno mainly because they both use electronic sounds and deep bass.

However, even though there are a lot of similarities between dubstep and techno, there are some major differences between the two genres.

Dubstep uses something called “wobble bass,” where the artist takes bass notes and manipulate them electronically.

The sound from “wobble bass” is one of the key characteristics of dubstep and is very distinctive.

Another distinction between dubstep and techno is that dubstep is often slower in speed than techno. While techno music is often very fast paced, dubstep is a bit slower and allows the listener to absorb the music.

While dubstep may be somewhat obscure, it is picking up in popularity.

According to MTV.com, Britney Spear’s new song, “Hold It Against Me,” contains elements of dubstep, one example that dubstep is becoming more and more popular.

Even at Brophy, dubstep is increasing in popularity.

“In this modern age, electronic instruments are becoming more and more prominent…dubstep is similar to techno, yet it adds a level of intensity,” said Quinn McGovern ’12.

“Techno is rather redundant instead of have that same intensity. Dubstep is much more fluid and personable,” McGovern continued.

Other students agree that dubstep is a great genre of music.

“I like its energy, it’s effect on oneself,” said Jake Kufel ’13. “I would rather listen to dubstep over techno.”

While one can listen to both dubstep and techno, perhaps in the future dubstep will become a mainstream genre of music.