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Dyer brothers, McAndrew connect through grandfathers, NY Mets

Photo by Jack Davis ’19 – Jim McAndrew models his 1969 World Series ring. McAndrew and Duffy Dyer were members of the “Miracle Mets”, and now their grandsons Drew Dyer ’18 and Max McAndrew ’18 are teammates on the JV baseball team.

Students’ grandfathers played baseball together on the New York Mets

By Jack Davis ’19

Brothers Drew Dyer ’18 and Bryce Dyer ’19 grew up in a baseball centric home, due in large part to their grandfather Duffy Dyer.

Duffy Dyer was a 14 year Major League Baseball veteran who attended Arizona State and was drafted to the New York Mets in 1966.

He spent six seasons as a catcher with the team, which included a 1969 World Series.

Jim McAndrew was member of the “Miracle Mets” World Series team, as an MLB pitcher who played seven years.

In addition to their bond on the baseball field, they now share the bond of their grandchildren who attend Brophy and play baseball.

McAndrew’s grandson, Max, is a sophomore at Brophy.

Max McAndrew and and Drew Dyer place together on the junior varsity baseball team.

Before their grandsons, Duffy Dyer and Jim McAndrew’s children were coincidentally born on the same day while they were on the road in 1967. McAndrew pitched a no-hitter the day after the birth.

Baseball runs in Max McAndrew’s blood.

Along with his grandfather, Max’s dad played college baseball for the Florida Gators.

With his family proficient in the game of baseball, McAndrew said he often feels pressure to take his game to the next level.

“I feel a lot of pressure to make it to the majors,” McAndrew said.

While McAndrew strives to make it to the big leagues, Bryce Dyer differs in opinion.

“It’s never been a thing I’ve wanted to pursue myself,” Dyer said.

Even though making it to the big leagues isn’t a long term goal of Bryce Dyer’s, he said he and his family still delight in the game.

“They love to go out and watch my games when I play,” he said. “We all love the sport and can’t get enough of it.”

Both students said they use their grandfathers as a resource for both the game and life in general.

“It’s really cool to hear my grandfather’s stories,” McAndrew said.

Bryce Dyer concurred.

“I use him as a personal mentor,” he said of his grandfather. “He’s always been available to help me out with whatever I’m struggling with. He’s constantly helping me improve my game. It’s very helpful to be able to take tips from a former pro.”