Erdely brings 19 years of educational experience to new counselor position

Photo by Manuel Mata-Flores ’19 | Ms. Megan Erdely works on her computer.

By Chris Stanek ’19


For 19 years, Ms. Megan Erdely has been in education varying from being an elementary school teacher and a college counselor.

Ms. Erdely began her educational career by teaching elementary school, and when asked to enter the school counseling program, she did.

Ms. Erdely began her new counseling job with Tesseract School, a school that she said grew close to her heart.

She said she loved Tesseract due to the small student population that made it easier for her to build a connection with the students.

Ms. Erdely was at Tesseract for all four years of the school’s existence, and moved on to Notre Dame Preparatory where she was a college counselor.

Ms. Erdely has just begun to work at Brophy.

However, Brophy is no stranger to Ms. Erdely because her two sons graduated from Brophy, and she graduated from Xavier College Preparatory in 1989.

“When my boys were here, it was such a completely different environment than to other schools,” Ms. Erdely said.

Ms. Erdely comes to Brophy with a point of view from a mother’s perspective and a counsellor’s perspective.

“She comes with a lot of experiential knowledge in terms of what students are going through and how to connect with our families, parents and guardians,” said fellow college counselor and cross country head coach, Mr. Oscar Borboa ’05.

Though counseling was not her first choice, Ms. Erdely believes there was always something special about high school that caused her to come back.

Students believe Ms. Erdely is fitting right in and is a great addition to the college counseling staff.

“She is very friendly and understands what you are saying,” said Ryan Gilburne ’19, “If you have a request she’ll get right to it, and she is very comforting to the students.”

She strongly believes Brophy is one of the best communities in the valley.

“There isn’t one person here who doesn’t smile and say, ‘How are you?’,” Ms. Erdely said.