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Eslava plays flute, piccolo for enjoyment, competition

Photo by Cory Wyman ’16 | Martin Hans Eslava ’17 practices the flute and the piccolo in an Eller practice room. He plays in concerts for the school as well as the Phoenix Youth Symphony.

By Jack Cahill ’17

When walking through the hallways of third floor Eller, students may hear the faint sound of a flute or piccolo.

That is likely the music of Martin Hans Eslava ’17, a musician who plays both the flute and piccolo.

Esleva said he has been playing the flute for three years, and the piccolo for two years, and is quite passionate about the music he finds enjoyable.

“I just like to discover new music and play it, that’s what makes it enjoyable,” Eslava said. “I really enjoy music, it’s my favorite pastime and, the piccolo is changeling, so that makes it fun. I also play different kinds of flutes, so it’s fun to interchange with them.”

Eslava doesn’t just play for enjoyment, he is also involved in statewide music competitions and events.

“We just had our fall concert last Wednesday, and I am performing for the Phoenix Early Music Society in November, and I look forward to the competitions that are coming up as well,” Elsava said in early October.

Band instructor Mr. Leo Werner said he has noticed Eslava’s extraordinary musical talent.

“My impression is that he is a very dedicated and focused musician, Mr. Werner said. “When I arrived here over the summer and started my work he was attending summer school. On his breaks, he would be constantly requesting time in practice rooms so that he could get in some practice. He’s almost never without his instrument, and he’s consistently dedicated.”

Band members like Chris Solano ’15 said they have also noticed Esleva’s dedication to his instrument.

Martin is always practicing, whenever you see him he’s either in a practice room or he’s talking to someone about something he’s working on,” Carlos Solano ’15 said.

According to Mr. Werner, Esleva is unlikely to stop playing the flute or piccolo in the future beyond high school.

“I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t continue playing, he really demonstrates a passion for It. He seeks out additional performance opportunities, like the programs through the Phoenix Youth Symphony,” Mr. Werner said.