Extracurriculars negatively affecting the sleep schedules of students

By Chris Stanek ’19


Sleep is a very important and essential part of a high school student’s life, and extracurriculars can interrupt a student’s sleep schedule.

Around Brophy and the Jesuit community, the average Brophy student is known to participate in many activities that benefit and improve the well-being of the school.

These activities can vary from the multiple sports, clubs, and community services present at Brophy, but these activities can sometimes take a toll on a students sleep schedule.

The combination of both these academics and extracurriculars can affect a students sleep schedule.

Eric Lin ’19 is actively involved in many extracurricular activities, and Lin participates in Mock Trial, Piano, Science Journal, Cross Country, and Track and Field.

“I usually go to bed around 12:30 a.m. on average.” Said Lin, “and with the combination of my homework and activities, it is hard to get to bed before 10:00 p.m.”

The balance of these activities do not only affect students involved in school activities, but they also affect students who participate in activities outside of school.

Alec Owen ’19 is active in volleyball and basketball clubs outside of school, and he participates in his church’s community.

“A lot of my time is spent throughout the whole week on club sports,” said Owen. “They can be demanding at times and make it hard to find an appropriate time to go to bed.”

Owen mentioned that average time that he goes to bed at is around 11:00 p.m.

Lin and Owen are active in multiple AP classes and they find it hard to balance the loads of both their homework and activities on a day to day basis.

Extracurriculars can expand from all sorts of different places and events, and a lot of them can take affect onto a students sleep schedule.

A lengthened sleep schedule is an important part of a student’s life.