Facebook for your K-9

By Beau W. Peterlin ’10

Are you lacking in social networking sites?

Myspace was two years ago, and maybe you’re bored with your Facebook page.

Did you ever wonder if your pets would like something like Facebook? Dogster.com is the answer to your doggone problems.

The Web site is a social networking tool for dogs and dog lovers alike to connect and share their love of man’s best friend. The content ranges from information on breeds and adoption to veterinary advice.

The coolest part of the Web site is the  “Dog of the Day” or “Dog of the Week” contests that include links to the winner’s profile. The Web site includes other numerous sections for any K-9 lover such as “Dog Blogs” and a section called “Unleashed,” which includes news directly from the staff at Dogster.com.

The Web site even has an iPhone application for chatting with other people who use Dogster.

If you decide to sign your dog up on Dogster.com and set up a profile for your pooch, in no time you will have a “Pup Pal request” from any breed you could imagine.

You can also go on forums to discuss numerous topics such as dog behavior or recipes for homemade dog food.

Furthermore, you can sign your dog up for contests through the site or even submit to be in “Today’s Dog Diary.”

You can also update your dogs profile on this Web site. The profile states your dog’s username, breeds and also gives specifics on the dog’s personal dynamics, which includes things like amount of energy and friendliness.

Similar to Facebook’s “about me” there is a section called “quick bio” that includes questions about favorite foods and toys. You can even give gifts just like in Facebook.

Check out Dogster.com.

However if you are more of feline lover there is always the social networking site for cats called Catster.com.