Faith should be defined by public service, acts

Photo by Frankie Pastor ’20 | The St. Ignatius of Loyola statuette sits in the McCain Colonnade.

By Frankie Pastor ’20


It is easy for us to define faith as simply having a belief system or belonging to a certain religion. We think that having faith is different depending on the religion we are affiliated with, but this isn’t always the case. 

Faith shouldn’t be defined by our religion or whether we believe in a higher being. It should be defined by the ways in which we try to help each other, by the ways we try to make society better, and by the ways we try to live a good life. 

Let’s take Mother Teresa as an example. Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun who traveled the world seeking to help those who were considered the outcasts of society . 

Mother Teresa never let her religion determine the people whom she would help. Rather, she helped everyone and embraced them with open arms. 

Mother Teresa once stated “faith in action is love, and love in action is service.” 

When students begin their Brophy careers, they are told that by the time they graduate they would become “Men for Others.” Since freshman year, students have volunteered at various locations. 

Our school instills into us the Jesuit Graduate at Graduate concepts such as being committed to justice, being loving, being religious and being intellectually competent. 

With such concepts instilled into us, we are able to live a life of faith. 

If we are to define faith as only being religious or believing in a higher being, then we would not see the justice aspect of faith. While it is important to have some of these traits, justice is an important trait to having faith. 

By putting our needs aside to help others, we are proving that we are faithful. Faith should be defined by the ways in which we care for each other and for the community at large.