Fine Arts Extravaganza to add new venues

By Tanner Nypen ’15

The Fine Arts Department and Student Council will come together  Nov. 26 for the 2013 Fine Arts Extravaganza.

“We are looking to change a few of the venues, a

Students and parents view student art in gallery at last years Fine Arts Extravaganza

nd spreading out and using the whole campus, rather than having everything be in mall,” said Mr. Tony Oldani. “We are trying to make the artists and art more accessible to people.”

The FAE will showcase Brophy’s fine arts from BLAM, Speech and Debate, to 2D and 3D art, photography and videos

Live music and comedians are also making a return with the hopes of new location bringing more spectators to the respective event.

“Some of the smaller solo acts that where in the basement of Romley Hall, we are looking for a new venue for them to be more accessible,” Mr. Oldani said.

Student Council also plans to have a coffee vender, similar to last year, as well as bringing in some other food vendors to tie the night together.

The Fine Arts Extravaganza has been hosted by the Fine Arts Department for the last two to three years, and Student Council wants to put its own mark on the event.

“It has now come back to Student Council… the boys want to put their dance and Friday night lights feel into this art event,” Mr. Oldani said.

Bryan Smith ’14 is part of the Brophy Photo Video Club and has been entering the Fine Arts Extravaganza since his sophomore year.

“I hope to win (this year),” Smith said. “I have gone and looked at all the photos and it was really cool just to go and see the work everyone has done.”

Smith said he plans on entering again this year with a joint video project.

“Come watch the time-lapse video the Michael Heiland ’14 and I are making, it is going to be mind blowing,” Smith said.

The event is planned from 6-10 p.m.