Fr. Olivier Celebrates 86th Birthday

By Tanner Nypen ’15

Photo by Luis Gamez '15 Fr. Olivier's eighty sixth birthday was on Sept. 5, 2012. To celebrate, Fr. Olivier handed out ice cream sandwiches to students in the mall during break.

Fr. Harry “Dutch” Olivier handed out 1,400 ice cream sandwiches Wednesday, Sept. 5th , to  Brophy students to celebrate his 86th birthday.

With the help of other faculty and staff members, Fr. Olivier passed out ice cream sandwiches to students in the mall at break.

“Everybody was just there, there was no difference between freshman and seniors, everybody was there and it seemed to be, well, what we call a big family,” Fr. Olivier said. “In retrospect, I found that very satisfying.”

Fr. Olivier has been at Brophy for 26 years.

“Oh, I would say this is the most outstanding, you don’t have 1,200 people celebrating with you every day,” Fr. Olivier said of his favorite birthday memories at the school.

The ice cream wasn’t the only celebration Fr. Olivier received though.

“It started in the morning with his department meeting, where they had candles and donuts,” Said Mrs. Sue Hornbeck.

The Religious Studies department, Fine Arts department and the Brophy Men’s choir all sung happy birthday to Fr. Olivier. The Fine arts department and religious department sung at the department meeting mention by Mrs. Hornbeck and the Men’s Choir sung to Fr. Olivier during sixth period.

“We had treats in here, but by that time he was too full of donuts; it was a chocolate donut full of custard crème, which he said was quite delicious.” Mrs. Hornbeck said.