Freeman discusses travel, love for birth country

Photo by Vipul Dua ’20 | Ms. Freeman teaches to one of her Honors Spanish classes in Brophy Hall.

By Vipul Dua ’20


Teacher’s pet interview with Ms. Rosalinda Freeman, Spanish Teacher

Mr. Smith’s question from last teachers pet: If you could put any two historical figures together for a lunch, who would they be and what would they talk about?

Thomas Jefferson for sure because I am just fascinated by him and probably some sort of author. I am sure they would have a long conversation.

What made you choose Brophy?

I had a friend who worked here and left to pursue her PhD and she would tell me great things about Brophy. I also saw a lot of opportunity here. I saw some of my students from the old school I taught at coming to Brophy and I was just really drawn to it.

What is your favorite Spanish class to teach?

My favorite is difficult to say but the smoothest class to teach is Honors Spanish III because the students are so receptive to it. My hardest class to teach is definitely the AP class because it challenges me and I grow the most.

What is your favorite country that you have travelled to?

I would say Spain but I don’t know if that counts because I was born there. There are parts of Spain that I am still discovering. There is always something new to learn there but I feel at home at the same time.

What is a question you would like to ask the next teacher?

Did you always know that you were going to be a teacher?