Freshman Mason earns 3 varsity roles

By Henry Erlandson ’16

Photo couresty of Brophy College Prep Luke Mason '16 poses with the track clock in May after setting a new record for the 1600-meter run.
Photo couresty of Brophy College Prep
Luke Mason ’16 poses with the track clock in May after setting a new record for the 1600-meter run.

Luke Mason ’17 shattered all expectations of a young high school athlete last year after he became a member of the varsity track team in the Spring.

That was his third varsity sport at Brophy as a freshman.

The multi-talented Mason was a varsity cross country runner, varsity soccer player and now is a varsity track runner. He has traveled the country with club and school teams to compete in nation-wide tournaments, such as the Mount Verde Soccer Tournament in Florida.

Earlier this year, Brophy’s soccer team won the Division I State Championship, and Mason was a part of that team.

Even when the Brophy soccer season is over, Mason said he spends his remaining time playing club soccer for the Scottsdale Blackhawks, competing in a wide variety of places like North Carolina for the National League tournament.

Simply put, Mason said he loves the excitement and competition of athletics, spending close to 10 hours a week during the cross country season with practice, meets and running on his own, 16 hours a week during soccer season, and 13 hours a week in the track season

Luke not only motivates the older guys, but he serves as a model for the other the young runners because of his great work ethic,” said Mr. Matt Williams ’07, one of the varsity cross country coaches.

When asked which varsity sport was his favorite, Mason said track.

“I enjoy track the most because it is my first year truly competing in track, and trying to chase after records is fun whether I get to them or not because each race presents a challenge regardless of the competition,” he said.

Mason was honored at the Brophy “BESPY Awards” when he received the Freshman of the Year Award, recognizing his performances this year, such as his wins at the Desert Vista Freshman Invitational, and placing first in the 1600 and 3200 meter races.

Mason said he is constantly surrounded by positive influences and the great leadership of other Brophy athletes, such as soccer captain Tyler Dial ’14 and runner Luis Torres ’16.

“Its also awesome when a sophomore like Luis Torres sends a text saying you ran great,” Mason said. “It is tough to find that type of support in other sports.”

Fergus Shanks ’15 was also a freshman when he played his first season for Brophy’s varsity soccer team, and he said that presents challenges.”

As a freshman on the varsity soccer team, Mason provided the squad with a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” Shanks said.

“He is always looking to better himself as a player by working very hard in training,” Shanks added.

With all the involvement in sports, there is not much time for Mason to participate in other activities around the school, but he said he hopes to join Robotics in the future.

“If I were to have the time I would probably want to join Robotics because I think it would be fun to explore a more creative side of things in my life and it would be a challenge,” Mason said.

Mr. Williams said helooks forward to Mason’s future at Brophy.

“I know he will continue to thrive and succeed while breaking many more records because he is truly a one in a million athlete,” he said.