Fun. debuts with ‘Some Nights’

By Gabriel Lopez ’13

Fun., an American indie-pop band based in New York City formed by Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jake Antonoff recently released their newest album, “Some Nights.”

With a similar vibe to their debut album, “Aim and Ignite,” Fun. keeps their music fresh with unexpected tunes.

This year, Fun., teaming up with American R&B/Soul musician Janelle Monáe, fashioned the widely known tune “We Are Young,” which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In “Some Nights,” this indie-pop band keeps their fans entertained with unexpected twists to their songs. Fun. releases original songs, keeping their unique style, without making the mistake of reproducing the same music.

This one of a kind band surprises its listeners using inimitable singing abilities and hitting distinctive notes. All songs released in the album show the talent needed to become top-charting songs.

My favorite on this album is “Some Nights (Intro)” completes a unique approach on the attitude of our society.  In my opinion, “Some Nights” is rightfully one of the best albums of the year.