Gallagher respected as caring, loving volunteer

By Alex Stanley ’12

Photo by Michael Notestine ’11 - Ms. Christine Gallagher has a conversation with Corey Lloyd ’12 Nov. 17.
Photo by Michael Notestine ’11 - Ms. Christine Gallagher has a conversation with Corey Lloyd ’12 Nov. 17.

Most students know Ms. Christine Gallagher as one of Brophy’s two fulltime substitutes.

But there is much more to Ms. Gallagher than that. She graduated from Georgetown University, likes to read books, especially the “Harry Potter” series, prepare for her Understanding Catholic Christianity class and help the Office of Faith and Justice with tasks such as Loyola Project, immersion trips and revamping their Web site.

“Her favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake, and she bleeds Hoya blue,” said Assistant to the Assistant Principal for Ministry Mrs. Sue Hornbeck.

Ms. Gallagher said she also likes going to “crazy parties all the time.”
Not really, she said of her trademark sarcastic comment, and in fact she leads  quite the opposite lifestyle.

When she is not at Brophy, she said she likes to read and hang out with her friends. She lives with two roommates, one of which is involved in the social justice and human rights program at Arizona State University.

Ms. Gallagher is also the moderator of the club “Ministry of Magic.”
She helps to coordinate the club, participates in its meetings and makes sure the students are not using any dark magic.

She jokingly claims that she is the “Dumbledore” of the club, although the student leaders, Matthew Munhall ’12, Alex Hahn ’12 and Jordan Bohannon ’12, said they believe the contrary.

“She can relate well with students and she has a very good sense of creativity,” Hahn said.

Ms. Gallagher loves the “Harry Potter” series, and even her family dog is named “Muggles.”

Last year, Ms. Gallagher worked at Brophy as a Jesuit volunteer. She lived with five other roommates, each earning an extremely small wage for their work.

She learned a lot about herself in the rigors and challenges of being a Jesuit volunteer, she said.

Ms. Gallagher said she enjoys being one of the leaders of Loyola Project this year because it reminds her of her times as a volunteer. Loyola Project focuses on helping and playing with younger kids who don’t have the same opportunities as many Brophy students.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ms. Gallagher takes a group of sophomores to Wilson Elementary to work with young students. They play games with the children and help them if they are struggling with any academics.

“It is good to look up to her and learn from her,” current Jesuit Volunteer Mr. Edward Cullen said.

To put Ms. Gallagher in a nutshell, “She is a caring, loving woman with a strong sense of justice,” Mrs. Hornbeck said.

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  • Elinor Gregorio December 3, 2009

    I think Ms. Gallagher is a very smart, dependable, and passionate young woman. She is a very loyal sister to me, but has taught me a lot while we were Jesuit Volunteers together. I was very honored to have volunteered and lived with her. I think the article and photo are both excellent.

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