Grindey shares high expectations for this year’s Summit theme

By Tanner Nypen ’15

wMrs. Casteneda’s question from last edition: Why do they call “apartments” apartments when they are just connected buildings?

I would rather call them modified condos.

How long have you been teaching here at Brophy and what have you been teaching? 

 I have been teaching for seven years. Scripture, Christian Ethics and Senior Synthesis.

Do you have a favorite class to teach?

Ethics and Synthesis are my favorite to teach.

Why did you decide to go into teaching?

I decided to go into teaching because the option of becoming a Marine Corps Chaplin did not follow through and I was good at what I did.

What else do you do around Brophy? I know that you are part of the football program.

Yeah, I coach football and I am on the discipline board. I am the department chair for theology. I also do various activities with students and extracurricular activities.

What role do you play on the coaching staff for football?

 I am the junior varsity line coach.

So the Summit is coming up, what are your opinions on this year’s theme?

I think that is a very good topic to discuss, I think racism is deeply embedded in this country if not globally. I think it is something that we need to address.

Do you have any expectations for what students might take from this year’sSummit?

I do. One of my expectations is that it is honest, which I know it will be, and that it is thorough. I am looking forward to seeing issues of race looked at in our educational system, in our incarceration systems, in poverty, in our politics. I am looking forward to seeing a variety of panels and discussions from those topics.

Where did the saying “holy buckets” come from?

I really don’t remember, it is better than cussing, don’t you think? Yeah, I have been saying that for a long time. I mean I have been teaching for 25 years and I even say it at home too. I think Mr. Heideman is the source. Mr. Heideman is the source for everything.

Would you like to propose a question for next edition’s teacher’s pet?

Alright, this is kind of dumb but I’ll do it anyways. Three frogs are floating down a river on a log. One decides to jump off, how many frogs are left on the log?