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Hockey team aims to move past last season

Photo by Bryce Owen ’17 | Cam Grams ’17 looks up the ice to an open teammate.

Collin McShane ’19

After a winless 2015-16 season, the hockey team hopes this year will be more positive.

New head coach Mr. Taylor Nelson ’08 said that fans would not be looking at the same team as last year.

“Leadership is not following but setting the example, if things aren’t going your way you’re the one that has to change, we have.” Mr. Nelson said, “We’re not the same team from last season.”

“We have a great set of veteran players. One big upcoming star for the team isTrevor Benneduce ’17,” Mr. Nelson said.

Veteran player and captain Cameron Grams ’17 said that this year the team is united and has much more chemistry on and off of the court.

“I feel like last year there was a lot of distrust among the guys, but this year it seems like all of those petty arguments have just gone away,” Grams said.

“To put it simply, every one is just best friends. No more feuds, teamwork is way easier.” Grams said. “Just everything is more friendly on and off the court, and I think our performance on the retreat has proven that.”

Both said they were confident in their team’s chemistry, and ability to pull off a winning season.

“I believe in our guys, I always have-but now the team really feels like a team,”Grams said.

Some of the main problems with the team was morale loss after loss.

“I’m excited, I’m pumped, and it’s my job as captain to spread that around. To keep up this good morale, pump up the boys.” Grams said. “That’s where we always lost.”

Both said they were aware that last season was a disaster, but they said that this season would be significantly better.