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Honors Anatomy considered for reevaluation as lab science

By Joseph Valencia ’17

Honors Anatomy, a relatively new class, is one of Brophy’s science elective courses.

Elective science courses such as AP Environmental Science don’t grant students a lab science credit.

The main argument regarding Anatomy is that it is isn’t necessary for college, as it is very similar to Biology, only with a greater emphasis on the human body.

Students taking the class have differing views on whether or not Honors Anatomy should be a lab science credit.

Some students agree that Honors Anatomy should be strictly supplemental.

“I can see why it’s not a lab science,” said Aditye Manuel ’17. “I took anatomy because I liked the subject, not because I wanted credits. If Anatomy was a lab science, I can see some students picking anatomy over essential sciences such as bio, chem and physics, which every student should have basic knowledge of.”

Others believe that Honors Anatomy should be a lab science despite its similarities to other sciences.

“I understand why Anatomy is not a lab science,” said Will Yalam ’17. However, I think Anatomy should be a lab science. This semester we dissected brains and next semester we will be dissecting eyeballs. I think these should be considered labs,” said Will Yalam ’17. While most people would take Anatomy because they perceive it to be easier than traditional sciences, the reason I took it was because I like the material and can apply it to what I want to do in the future.”

Honors Anatomy teacher Mr. Chris White is currently working toward getting Honors Anatomy to be recognized as a lab credit on campus.

According to Arizona’s Board of Regents entrance requirements, a student must have three years of lab science, such as biology, chemistry, physics or another physical science with a weekly hands-on lab type experience. Mr. White, also Brophy’s athletic trainer, said the class fits those requirements.

“I proposed counting the class as a lab credit,” Mr. White said. “Right now it’s under consideration for next year. I’ve had a meeting with the science department, and they seem to be in favor of doing that.”