Hot Milk heating up

Photo by Mark Rossbach ’21 | Norman Hall ’23 (Right) and Will Hall ’23 perform one of their singles in an Eller practice room. The duo practices in that room multiple times a week to keep improving their musical capabilities.

By Mark Rossbach ’21

Hot Milk is one of the newest bands to join Brophy’s assortment of musical talent this year. Its members, cousins Will Hall ’23 and Norman Hall ’23, are really taking advantage of the opportunities that Brophy has to offer them assisted by their manager Grant Hall ’21, who is not related.

Hot Milk was a three-member classic rock band founded by the Halls in 8th grade, however, that other musician parted ways when it came to high school. Norman explained the origin of the band name: “It was my mom’s idea […] she was talking to my dad and said that if one of our kids ever has a band, we’re naming it Hot Milk.”

So far they haven’t performed too many gigs, with only one official gig after a Brophy football game and another small one at a friend’s house. However, they are looking for more opportunities to play in public, especially eager to play at the Brophy Fine Arts Extravaganza. Grant also noted that he is attempting to get Hot Milk into Battle of the Bands, certain of their band’s ability to compete.

The football game gig, coordinated by Grant, was their first big chance to step into the spotlight. This worked out well for both the Hall cousins and Grant, as Grant was in search of a band to play after home football games and band was looking to play. “Will mentioned, ‘Oh, I have a band, Hot Milk,’ and I was like I don’t know how good it’s gonna be … but once they played and once Will hit that first chord on the guitar, I was like, that’s amazing. That’s crazy. And then later in the set … he put the guitar behind his head and started playing and that’s how I knew we really have something special,” Grant said.

Norman and Will have only been playing their instruments for a couple of years, but are already in the process of creating their first track. Norman has been playing drums for over two years now, and Will began playing guitar about a year ago.