How Brophy Students Use Disney Plus

By Thomas Haak ’23

The Roundup

Disney Plus, a popular streaming platform that holds almost everything Disney has produced, has been very popular at Brophy, with a successful economic year.

Disney Plus is popular with students at Brophy such as Charles Clarke ’23 who watches Disney Plus very often because he “likes Marvel and Star Wars Movies.” He uses Disney Plus to watch TV shows or movies about 1-2 times a week and loves “Black Panther”, the superhero film.

In 2020, Disney Plus amassed 50 million subscribers and according to the direct-to-consumer business, Disney Plus has a yearly revenue of $4 billion. 

There is a large list of movies and TV shows that are put exclusively on Disney Plus, such as “The Mandalorian,” “Marvel Hero Project,” “Hamilton,” and “Star Wars The Clone Wars” (season 7). 

Disney Plus also recently released “Mulan”, described as “a live-action reimagining of the Chinese folk hero, which is now available on Disney Plus as the platform’s first Premier Access title with a $30 fee.” According to Peter Calihan ’23, his family purchased Mulan on Disney Plus and he regrets making the decision to buy a 30 dollar movie on an already subscripted platform. Calihan enjoyed the movie but did not believe it was reasonable to need to purchase a movie, while he also paying $6.99 per month for Disney Plus. Mulan will become available to all Disney Plus subscribers on Dec. 4.

“Some students say that Disney Plus is important to them. “It provides a simple way to relax…,” said Griffin Fanger ’22. Fanger also said, “My favorite part about Disney Plus is how everything Disney and Pixar have ever made is at my fingertips and easily accessible and especially how cheap it is.”

With the large variety of movies and TV shows, featuring “Mulan”, Disney Plus is a realistic way for Brophy students to watch their favorite movies and enjoy their free time.