It Came From The Internet

By Greg Goulder ’13



At times I find myself desperately in need of some comical pictures of plants.

Fortunately, I found a website that perfectly addresses this need: lolplants.com.

This new website, from the creator of My Life is Average and Average Cats, features pictures of plants with rather interesting captions.

From obscure movie references to political humor, lolplants has a picture and a plant for it.

The website is fairly straightforward, a simple collection of pages with numerous pictures on each page.

Users may also submit pictures to the site, and rate the current pictures on the website.

This website never fails to entertain.


Other times, I just really want to look at random pictures with even more random captions.

At unrelatedcaptions.com, from the creator of lolplants, the few easy clicks can take a viewer to a world full of completely unrelated captions.

The premise of this website is simple: take interesting pictures and add completely random captions.

The end result is hit or miss at best, but hilarity is guaranteed to ensue at some point after a visit to the site.

Most captions consist of a popular quote, often from a movie, paired with a totally random picture.

The format of this site is nearly identical to lolplants: a basic archive of numerous pictures.

After all this unrelatedness, I like to unwind by looking at comics missing their main character.


When I feel like this, I go to garfieldminusgarfield.net.

As the name implies, this website is simply a collection of Garfield cartoons with Garfield the cat edited out of them.

At times, the cartoons don’t even contain any text, simply a series of three pictures.

The website takes the form of a blog, with a new picture posted nearly every day.