Keeping everthing running 24/7

“Keeping everything running 24/7 is one of the hardest parts,” said Mr. Blair Cook when asked about the most difficult aspects of his job.

The Brophy Tablet Program launched four years ago, and now all 1,270 students each use a Tablet PC computer as a tool in their classes.

It takes a team of fulltime professionals who work mostly behind the scenes to keep the school’s computers, network and data systems running smoothly.

Student participation skyrockets

Lately around campus it seems there has been more and more things to do.

No, I’m not talking about homework or college applications (while those may be piling up as well) but instead actual activities to do.

Pick any school day and usually you will find an e-mail inbox full of announcements, classrooms full with club meetings and the gym packed with students ready to compete.

Network tuned-up by tech team

Widespread wireless connectivity problems on campus appear to be fixed.

After summer, schools have to get back into routines, but for a school based on technology problems can occur that are much more crippling than normal. Brophy this year faced a problem with connecting students and teachers to the Internet.

There were two problems interfering with the Internet connection at the beginning of the year: the random shutdown of access points and a conflict between sophomore computer network cards and the network.

Splish splash at Beach Day ’09

Upon entering campus on Sept. 24th, I could see hundreds of students wearing board shorts, carrying colorful towels, sporting flip flops and varied sunglasses.

I thought these beach goers had taken a wrong turn on their way to California.

Instead, they were celebrating Beach Day. Beach Day when Brophy students are allowed to forego their formal dress clothes and instead wear beach attire.

Is ‘Madden ’10’ worth the hype?

Is “Madden ’10” worth the $60 price tag or should you keep playing Madden ’09?

The quick answer is a definitive yes.

According to EA Sports, “Madden ’10” features many new and improved aspects over Madden ’09, including better graphics, more details, an overall more realistic experience and a new animation technology called PRO-TAK.

The best never heard

During lunch or after school, any Brophy student can hop online and download the newest music album or single and listen immediately.

However, this can mislead many avid fans of music. The large amounts of new artists emerging at any given time is a blessing and a curse for discerning ears. Fear not, there is hope because amongst the rough there is a diamond, and he goes by Drake.

‘ODST’ packs in even more ‘Halo’-style destruction, aliens, gunfire

Many people try to call video games art.

With newer and more advanced graphics, storylines, voice acting and actual conceptual beauty as a result of a hard day’s work, this claim is reaching credibility with each technological leap.

Of course, there are video games which are pure fun. With no real will to supply innovations to the industry other than by providing entertainment, these tend to be addictive, fast paced, and containing either plenty of geometric shapes and puzzles or lots and lots of explosions.

Indie super group deliver monstrous debut

Musical collaborations usually turn out one of two ways. Amazing, like anything featuring Kanye West, or dreadful, like anything featuring Akon.

For indie folk super group “Monsters of Folk,” the collaboration turned out wonderfully.

Five years ago, the stars aligned when stunning folk figures, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes and M. Ward collaborated for a tour under the banner “An Evening with Conor Oberst, Jim James, and M. Ward” which included an appearance of the PBS program “Austin City Limits.”

‘The Invention of Lying’ is too good to be true

Was lying the summation of years of scientific observations and experiments, or the brainchild of an intellectual prodigy?

Neither. Average Mark Bellison stumbles upon the quintessential truth, or untruth, of honesty in this season’s first comedy “The Invention of Lying,” in theaters since Oct. 2.

Students, faculty help save lives

Eighty-five students and six faculty members donated blood on Oct. 2, saving up to 243 lives.

Students who donated had to sign up online, and were e-mailed the time of their blood donation appointment.

The first students and faculty members began arriving by 8:30 a.m. to the south side of the Harper Great Hall where staff members from the United Blood Services were ready to collect blood, which will be used to help those in need.