Finals intimidate, students need to make plan

By Colin M. Prenger ’11

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the light is winter break.

The only thing standing between you and winter break is finals week.

The one and only goal for students during finals is to make it to the other side of this daunting week alive with good test results.

Vital Signs: Stress surges like a hypodermic shot of adrenaline

By Eric Villanueva ’11
The Roundup

Everyone can name a few causes of stress, like school, clubs, sports, jobs and relationships, to name a few.

However, no one stops to ponder the most elemental question, a question that if answered could help teens to alleviate their stress: What actually happens in our body when we’re stressed out?

If we know how the stress reaction works in our bodies we can better handle our stress and hopefully avoid stress-induced chronic illnesses

To understand the chemical reactions and processes in our bodies that make our palms sweat or our tongues tie, we need to go on a foreign Safari.

Woods realizes mistakes, public needs to back off

By Mason Smith ’11

Everyone remembers the day after Thanksgiving in 2009 as the day the “Tiger scandal” appeared on television.

He had hit a fire hydrant with the front bumper of his car, and from then on it just kept getting worse for then the world’s No. 1 golfer.

It came out that he had been cheating on his wife with not just one, but multiple mistresses.

Woods, who has won 82 professional golf tournaments (14 of those being majors) and had held the world No. 1 ranking for 623 weeks fell from that spot in early November when Lee Westwood of England took over.

Loyola Academy debuts in August

By Ian C. Beck ’12

Brophy will open Loyola Academy in 2011, a middle school for underprivileged students that will be located on the second floor of Loyola Hall.

“It’s a new program, part of Brophy, to help those students who have the intellectual ability to do well at Brophy but don’t have the academic and study habits background,” said Brophy President Fr. Eddie Reese S.J.

The program is geared toward taking the academically gifted out of the public school system and installing them into a middle school environment that will better prepare them for Brophy.

Media adds stress to busy teen lives

By Eric Villanueva ’11
With his thumb, Cyrus Afkhami ’11 pushes up on the screen of his friend Jeff Pisauro’s ’11 iPhone 3GS and counts the number of texts Pisauro has received so far that day.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” Afkhami counts as he scrolled on Pisauro’s phone. Pisauro grabs the phone back.
All eight texts were from one of five conversations Pisauro was having simultaneously at lunch.
By the end of the day, Pisauro said he will send and recieve about 150 texts and will spend about one hour texting, which falls in line with research on teen texting.

Weight management program teaches students how to be healthy

By Chase Stevens ’12

Brophy has started to measure and track every freshman’s health and give them a diet plan they can follow.

Called the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program, the endeavor requires every freshman to have health data tracked, beginning the first time they step into health class.

“We just got funding from the owner of Michael’s (Chef Michael DeMaria) to do this. He believes very strongly about this,” said Mr. Christopher White, Health/P.E. Department Chair and head of the Brophy Healthy Weight Management Program.

Tablets, technology add new element to teen stress

By Chris Baca ‘11

The lives of Brophy students are permeated by the plethora of technology that students have at their disposal.

“One of the things we all need to consider is that we need to process more stimuli now than ever before,” said Head Athletic Trainer and P.E./Health Department Chair Mr. Chris White.

Every student, simply by going to Brophy, is exposed to a larger amount of time on the computer compared to a student going to another school because of the Tablet computer program.

Stress unavoidable for busy students

By Michael Moroney ’13 and Brian D. Brannon ’11
Nick Giancola ’12

Brophy student Nick Giancola ’12 is one of the busiest kids on this campus.

He is involved in an assortment of in and out of school activities along with taking multiple honors and AP classes.

As a person with things to do at every moment of every day, Giancola said it is important to find a balance because stress greatly affects him.

Movember brings cancer awareness, moustaches

By Colin Marston ’13

Between Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and elections, November is a month known for honored soldiers, poultry and politicians.

A more obscure presence on the monthly circuit is the event known as Movember.

A combination of “mo”, slang for moustache, and November, its central tenet is to raise awareness of men’s health issues through the publicity of facial hair.

Best Buddies expresses ‘men for others’ through friendship

By Erik Masingill ’12

Everyone knows there are many clubs to join at Brophy.
Clubs such as The League of Extraordinarily Classy Gentlemen, Key Club, National Honors Society and many more are among them.

However, there is one club that is truly unique to Brophy, the Best Buddies Club.

Best Buddies has been at Brophy since 2000 and is a national organization founded by the Schreiber family.