Breathtaking ‘Avatar’ makes up for weak story with spectacle

Coming in among waves of speculation, “Avatar” has finally arrived in theaters.

Director James Cameron supposedly sank over $300 million into this project that he says will change cinema forever.

All of this talk has created a backlash, and it makes sense considering the trailers are somewhat underwhelming and the story seems suspiciously familiar.

Elementary, my dear Watson, but enjoyable nonetheless

Robert Downey Jr. is on fire right now.

He was always a critically acclaimed actor but after his starring role in “Iron Man,” he has become an A-list star.

His latest role places him in the shoes of Detective Sherlock Holmes, a name that is well known in pop and literary culture.

However, this latest take on the trench coat wearing hero is quite different from how he is normally portrayed. But is that a good thing?

Dark depressing ‘Road’ creates great atmosphere

Realistically what would happen in a post-apocalyptic world?

Would humanity try to repopulate the Earth? Or would it slowly dissolve into on a desolate void?

The new Cormac McCarthy adaptation, “The Road”, imagines a post-apocalyptic world that might be the closest to the truth. Although this realism is often times disturbing and depressing to watch; it creates a dystopian world truly unforgettable.

“The Road” follows two characters, “the Man” (Viggo Mortensen) and “the Boy” (Kodi Smit-McPhee) trying to survive after an unexplained event has thrown off the balance of the world with no hope of it ever being regained.