The making of a musical

What goes into putting together a Brophy production?
There is much more to it than most theatre-goers may notice. From set-building to long practices to opening night preparations and cast parties; Brophy productions are full of continued excitement.
What may be perceived as a simple scene is comprised of several actors, singers, dancers, musicians, sound and light managers, makeup artists, directors, painters and hours of practice.

Has health care message been lost in partisan rhetoric?

Over the past year we as Americans have been engaged in a battle over the issue of whether giving healthcare to all people is appropriate.

Never before in my lifetime has our country been so vocal on their thoughts, opinions and ideas about one single piece of legislation.

I really wonder if our country didn’t have the stability we have would we be in a full on civil war between liberals and conservatives?

Return to Rapture, but don’t expect much else

Back in 2007, 2K Games, developers of the “System Shock” series, created a spiritual successor called “Bioshock” that invited gamers to visit the underwater city of Rapture.

Swapping the vast enormity of space for the depths of the sea, what 2K Games created was a deeply atmospheric experience. Now under a new developer, 2K Marin, Rapture has returned to enchant players once again in the new multi-system game “Bioshock.”

The story takes place years after the original game. Rapture has fallen deeper into deterioration, and now that the founder Andrew Ryan is gone, a new villain named Sophia Lamb has stepped in.

Literary magazine introduces online art site: BLAMO

Over the past two decades, Brophy’s literary art magazine has transitioned from “The Tower” to the “Magazine Formerly Known as ‘The Tower’” to now BLAM.

The magazine is continuing its tradition of transition by expanding onto the Internet with BLAM Online, better known as BLAMO.

“Our hope is that our Web site will be as popular if not more so than our publication,” said Jeramy Moschonas ’11, who is co-editor of BLAM with Michael Notistine ’11 and Beau Peterlin ’10.

Senior wins recognition for video exposing national debt

Senior Ryan Donahue ’10 received an Honorable Mention from C-SPAN’s 2010 StudentCam competition for his video submission, entitled “The National Debt.”

This year’s StudentCam contest was to create a five to eight minute documentary on either one of our country’s greatest strengths or a challenge the country is facing.

Donahue introduced the national debt, asking students what they believe it is, and getting an explanation of it from Brophy economics teacher Ms. Kelly Guffey.

Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ takes moviegoers down a new rabbit hole

Where can you play crochet with flamingos as putters and hedgehogs as balls, or have tea with a mad hatter and his equally batty talking animal friends?

Only in Wonderland, but there’s no need to fall down a rabbit hole to get there. Director Tim Burton brought Alice Kingsley and the magical world of the time-honored classic “Alice in Wonderland” to theaters Friday, March 5.

A sequel to the 1951 Disney animation, the live-action remake centers on as now 19 year-old Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, who suffers from continual nightmares of grinning cats and blue caterpillars from her previous trip to Wonderland.

Track and Field balances season start, places high in invitational

Varsity Track and Field started the season with an even record of one and one after a narrow victory at Corona Del Sol March 3 and a loss at Red Mountain March 10.

The team also made a name for itself with top finishers at a March 13 invitational.

Brophy eked out a close 72-69 win over Corona Del Sol Wednesday, March 3 and set a few records along the way.

Hockey clinches 3rd seed in playoffs

The Brophy hockey team went from a possible sixth seed in the playoffs to a third seed with a convincing 9-3 over the Boulder Creek Jaguars March 12.

The win puts the Broncos overall record at 13-7-2, which qualifies them for a first round playoff matchup against the sixth seeded Horizon Huskies.

“We are completely ready for the playoffs next week,” said Michael Weinberger ’10, the team captain.

Broncos swinging for fences to start season

As students end their day they can hear that familiar “ping” coming from the baseball diamond—it’s baseball season once again.

A year ago Brophy finished the season with 21 wins and 10 losses, and went into the postseason tournament with a fifth seed. The team’s hopes were dashed though with a second round loss against Desert Ridge High School.

After a long off season, Brophy baseball looks to accomplish great things this season with fresh faces. Five sophomores have already been seen on the field, including starting outfielder David Graybill ’12.