SB1070 promotes bigoted rhetoric

The language used in the controversial Senate Bill 1070, Arizona’s attempt at immigration reform, could only be called xenophobic.

The bill states that law enforcement officials can ask for proof of citizenship through, as the bill states, “lawful contact,” which means any contact with a person suspected of being an undocumented immigrant.

This means that law enforcement is, by default, encouraged to use racial profiling to detain people suspected of being undocumented and attempts to make being Hispanic a crime.

SB1070 defends Arizona borders

Arguments over Arizona’s border have plagued the media in recent months.

These old arguments have gained new attention because of Arizona’s newest weapon for its porous border: Senate Bill 1070.

SB1070 cracks down on illegal activity within the state by screening businesses and employees more thoroughly, reinforcing probable cause probes and drawing federal attention to the war on the border.

Nike Swoosh makes campus comeback

“Just do it.”

Buy Nike.

The temptation is back as Jim Keady’s message from last year’s Summit fades in many students’ minds.

It appears that his words have become less powerful after the summer break, and now students face a difficult decision: Should I give in to the temptation of showing that Swoosh?

Student indifference in magazine drive hurts everyone

Sept. 10 marked the official end of this year’s Student Council sponsored Magazine Drive.

As with previous years, student participation could have been better.

A little more than 400 students, or about one-third of the student body, submitted a magazine form.

Kudos to these students for raising about $16,000, which is about twice as much as the previous year’s total.

Student Council brings the Wild West to Homecoming

By Julian De Ocampo ’13
Last year Student Council brought students to a tropical island for Homecoming, but this year they have a different idea in mind.
Homecoming this year is going to be themed “Wild Night in the West.”

Three and Out: Top four story lines from Brophy vs. Chandler

By Justin Janssen ’11
First Down: Brophy falls in Fiesta shootout
On Thursday, Sept. 23, the Brophy Broncos (2-3 overall, 0-1 fiesta) lost to the Chandler Wolves (4-1 overall, 2-0 fiesta) in a Fiesta Region high scoring affair 43-29.
The 72 combined points are the most scored in a Brophy football game since 2004.

Broncos can’t hold on in second half, fall to Chandler

By Brett Mejia ’13

Josh Dennard’s ’11 122 rushing yards and two touchdowns were not enough for Brophy to hold off the Chandler offense.

The Broncos headed to Chandler Sept. 23 for a Thursday night grudge match against the Chandler Wolves. Last year when Brophy played Chandler, Brophy won 27-26 at home in overtime.

Three and Out: Top four story lines from Brophy vs. Centennial

By Justin Janssen ’11
Going into the game against the Centennial Coyotes on Sept. 16 not many people were predicting the Brophy Broncos to come out victorious.
Many people consider Centennial, who has won three of the last four 5A-II titles, to be a perennial Goliath in a fight versus David. On Thursday Brophy struggled throw a pebble at its Coyote predator.

Centennial hands Broncos first home game defeat of the season

By Erik T. Masingill ’12
A week after losing to St. Mary’s, the Brophy football team traveled back to Phoenix College Field Sept. 16, this time as the home team to take on the undefeated Centennial Coyotes.
Centennial shut the Broncos’ offense out in the first half and it was enough for the Coyotes to gain their fourth consecutive win by a score of 30-7.
The Broncos’ record dropped to 2-2 with their second straight loss.

Ignorant claims about Obama continue to run rampant

President Barack Obama is breaching into his third year in office, marking three years since one of the ugliest elections in recent history.

At the time rumors went rampant, specifically against Obama.

Conservatives condemned him for being socialist, not a naturally born American and then questioned his faith.

Obama, a practicing Christian, was ridiculously and irrationally called out for being Muslim.